Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limitation?

In Alberta, there is a time limitation of 2 years to start a lawsuit from when the event occurred or when you ought to have known it occurred, within a 10 year period. There are exceptions for minors and mentally challenged individuals.  There are different time limitations for unknown drivers and municipalities. Contact us with your particular fact scenario to ensure you know when your time limitation began.

What do you charge for your legal fees?

Depending on your case, we can arrange an hourly rate or a contingency fee agreement. The majority of medical malpractice legal fees and personal injury legal fees are arranged on a Contingency Fee Agreement between you and the lawyer. This means that nothing is paid to the lawyer for her legal work until your case receives the compensation you deserve!

Do you charge for consultations?

There is no fee for initial consultations. First, we ask you to forward an email with your relevant fact scenario. Then, we can assess if we can help or if we should direct you to someone who can assist you. 

I was hurt in a hit n run accident. Do I have a Claim?

In Alberta, there is the  Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act. If you are not at fault and have been injured by an unknown or uninsured driver, you can make a claim against the Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund for an amount up to $200,000.00 depending upon your injuries. When you have been injured by an unknown driver, notice should be given to the Administrator within 90 days or as soon as possible.

What are the initial steps in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

First, we have to consider the Time Limitations to file a Statement of Claim. Then, we need to investigate and determine if the medical professional's conduct fell below the Standard of Care and Caused the injury.