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Birth injury in need of a malpractice lawyer in Calgary

There are few medical errors more heartbreaking than those that affect a newborn. Obstetrical errors can change a joyous event into one that is devastating for a family. Improper medical intervention before, during, and after  delivery could lead to a serious lifelong medicial condition. 




Lack of intervention from medical professionals can lead to death.  Whether the delay is due to a lost or ignored laboratory report or a failure to consider symptoms, a delay in diagnosis leads to delayed treatment. If you have suffered serious consequences, you do not have to deal with this on your own.  We will investigate and determine your right to pursue a valid legal claim. 


 A simple wrong dose or wrong drug can mean life or death to an unsuspecting patient. Our law firm has assisted individuals who have suffered from Gentamicin  toxicity,  Amitriptyline overdose, and over prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy.  We will take over your case so you do not have to stress about it. We will research what happened and take legal steps to assert your rights. 



Nurses are every medical institution’s frontliners. They cater to a lot of patients, which could lead to many errors. Potential failings of nurses include: 

  • Failure to Communicate With Doctors
  • Failure to Intervene in Medical Emergencies
  • Failure to Monitor Patient Regularly
  • Failure to Notice Infection
  • Inaccurate Charting
  • Inadequate Wound Care
  • Incomplete Patient History
  • Incorrect Medication 

 A single error can lead to tragic results. Call us if you are a helpless victim of medical negligence. We will find the most appropriate legal action for your case. 




Medical malpractice lawsuits are litigated differently than most other lawsuits, and involve extremely powerful organizations including hospitals and other medical organizations, insurance companies (HIROC), as well as the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA).

Malpractice suits are complex and highly technical, both legally and medically, and can take many years to resolve. The stakes are enormous. This can add significantly to a family’s already existing uncertainty, stress, and emotional turmoil, and contribute to their feelings of helplessness and vulnerability.

We are proud of our proven track record of successful trials and substantial compensation awards!


Get legal assistance from a reputable medical malpractice law firm like Catherine G. Langlois in Calgary, Alberta. Our firm handles clinical malpractice cases throughout Alberta and Western Canada. Catherine is a birth injury lawyer. Her  law office is always ready to serve and protect you from clinical negligence and its consequences. We will fight your legal battle with you. Call us today and let us help you achieve your legal rights. If you need an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Alberta, contact us! Catherine welcomes new clients who have or are facing complex or larger claims involving injuries, insurance, estates, and dispute